Sunday, October 18, 2009

Show this THURSDAY, EP update

Why hello there reader. Thanks for visiting.
We are playing this Thursday 22 October at Grand Central (126 Ponsonby Rd). If I had to guess I'd say we will be on at about 9:30pm. We actually had a practice yesterday and sounded pretty OK, so hopefully that carries on through to Thursday.
In the news, we finally recorded the lead vocals on the EP on Saturday. Now all that is required is a little tidying up and maybe some mixing and we'll be ready to start distributing it. I can confirm that it will be free in soft copy and cheap in hard copy (i.e. cassette, phonograph cylinder, 8-track, reel to reel magnetic tape, betamax digital audio, laser disc, mini disc, elcaset, and whatever else the kids are slamming along to nowadays). There will be 8 songs on it, not 9 as previously advertised. The 9th song will be locked in a vault to be buried under the new east stand at Eden Park for future generations to discover.
Stay tuned for more news, including a The Killing Tones appearance on an upcoming compilation album.

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  1. Put me down for one E.P. on Elcaset please.