Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Carnival Photos

Ahoy hoy Killing Tones fans and internet travellers.

We played on Saturday night at the King Street Carnival and it was neat-o. Check out more photos below, taken by the irrepressible Sarah Wakeman. Thanks to Jeff, Sam, Bridgette and Aisha for inviting us into their home. And thanks to all the pretty girls, handsome boys and other less gender specific individuals for turning up. The Zig Zags and the KJs ( played too and rolled out the hits.

Our next show is at Grand Central (126 Ponsonby Road) next Thursday 22 October with Dole Day Rage and Hysterror. We’re just about out of t-shirts, but will bring along what’s left in case anyone needs an injection of awesome in his or her wardrobe before summer.

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