Saturday, October 31, 2009

Download the EP for FREE

Here it is folks, for your listening pleasure. Please distribute it amongst your friends.

How to download:
1) Click this link:
2) Click the "Free user" button
3) Wait patiently while the onscreen timer counts down
4) Click the blue download icon
5) Save the file "" somewhere on your computer
6) Wait patiently while the file downloads
7) "Extract all files"
8) Open in whatever program you use for listening to music

Friday, October 30, 2009

Grand Central Photos

Hey hey hey boys and girls,

Here are some photographs (all taken by Rose, thanks!) from last Thursday night at the Grand Central.
The show was rad. If you weren't there you missed out, big time.

We have finally finished our E.P, totally DIY, no adult supervision whatsover. It will be up here for free download (while stocks last) once we figure out how to put it up.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Show this THURSDAY, EP update

Why hello there reader. Thanks for visiting.
We are playing this Thursday 22 October at Grand Central (126 Ponsonby Rd). If I had to guess I'd say we will be on at about 9:30pm. We actually had a practice yesterday and sounded pretty OK, so hopefully that carries on through to Thursday.
In the news, we finally recorded the lead vocals on the EP on Saturday. Now all that is required is a little tidying up and maybe some mixing and we'll be ready to start distributing it. I can confirm that it will be free in soft copy and cheap in hard copy (i.e. cassette, phonograph cylinder, 8-track, reel to reel magnetic tape, betamax digital audio, laser disc, mini disc, elcaset, and whatever else the kids are slamming along to nowadays). There will be 8 songs on it, not 9 as previously advertised. The 9th song will be locked in a vault to be buried under the new east stand at Eden Park for future generations to discover.
Stay tuned for more news, including a The Killing Tones appearance on an upcoming compilation album.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Carnival Photos

Ahoy hoy Killing Tones fans and internet travellers.

We played on Saturday night at the King Street Carnival and it was neat-o. Check out more photos below, taken by the irrepressible Sarah Wakeman. Thanks to Jeff, Sam, Bridgette and Aisha for inviting us into their home. And thanks to all the pretty girls, handsome boys and other less gender specific individuals for turning up. The Zig Zags and the KJs ( played too and rolled out the hits.

Our next show is at Grand Central (126 Ponsonby Road) next Thursday 22 October with Dole Day Rage and Hysterror. We’re just about out of t-shirts, but will bring along what’s left in case anyone needs an injection of awesome in his or her wardrobe before summer.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Secret show tomorrow, new Killing Tones game

Hello The Killing Tones t-shirt owners, others,

We are playing a secret show tomorrow night somewhere here in Auckland. If you are one of the enlightened ones, see you there. If not, don't despair, you can instead play the new Killing Tones home game. Just learn the following lyrics to our song "Unicorn Patrol" and sing them loudly to yourself or to your friends or family while prancing around pretending to be Dave. It's easy, fun, and way cheaper than the new Beatles Rock Band game.

Unicorn Patrol
F*ck them, those mythical f*ckers
Lily white or trimmed with rainbow colours
Mace, Dave and Greg on the payroll
Of your local Unicorn Patrol
Whoa, they gotta go
Thank you, Unicorn Patrol
Backed up by Daniel LaRusso
He sweeps legs, we use sleeper holds
Ultimate prancing show ponies
Exposed as fairy tale phonies
Whoa, they gotta go
Thank you, Unicorn Patrol
Whoa, they gotta go
Thank you, Unicorn Patrol