Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Show at Grand Central next Thursday 26 November


What are you doing next Thursday night? Watching television?

Here's a better idea - come see The Killing Tones and some other sweet punk bands at the Grand Central in Ponsonby (126 Ponsonby Rd, next to Murder Burger). Only $5!

Suckafish are braving the Kopu bridge and driving up from Tairua for the night (www.myspace.com/suckafishtfy). Streetpunx (with ois) Kaos and Riot are back from Tauranga (www.myspace.com/streetratz13). Some band I've never heard of called "The Jolly Monicas" will be there too, impress your friends with your underground credibility by being the first to know about them.

UPDATE: The Jolly Monicas are apparently an awesome surf rock band, shows what I know.

Go on, treat yourself, you've earned it.

You can still download The Killing Tones EP at this link: http://rapidshare.com/files/300723784/The_Killing_Tones.zip

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