Wednesday, September 9, 2009

EP update

The EP is almost done. Rad. The track listing will be approximately as follows:

1. Unicorn Patrol
2. Click
3. School
4. Greg-o-lution
5. F*ck your Jock Boyfriend
6. Haterade
7. Staying Up
8. Earth Zombies
9. Creeper

All the instruments (unless you count the voice as an instrument like some music school douche) were recorded last weekend at Mace's house. We will put up some photos of recording soon. Vocals will be recorded when we get around to it. Dave is just memorising all the words.

Seeing as we have done it all ourselves (and have charged ourselves very reasonable rates for our services), it is likely that the EP will be free, or at least basically free (maybe one beer, or a gold coin donation).

Big thanks to Graeme Judd for letting us borrow his sweet korg mixer/recorder thing and some mics and cables. And also to Nate Judd for lending us some sound dampening thingees.

Reminder: The Killing Tones are playing at 9.30pm this Saturday 12th September at a secret location.

T-shirts, with logo designed by Rush Fay, will be available for purchase on Saturday night for only $30ea (cash only).


  1. Anonymous9/9/09

    track 5 sounds awesome

  2. Anonymous10/9/09

    Play some liilingtons!